Glad to be back from New York

Home sweet home. How glad I am to be back here again 🙂 New York is spectacular BUT too stressful for me. “Ja els hi regalo!” that I would say. My American Dream has vanished. I’ve seen NYC and, believe me, I’ve done my best to love it, but I couldn’t. It’s an amazing city but it will take some years until I decide to go back there. Sorry, Newe, you’re not my type 😉 …Donde haya un París… O una Barcelona…

We’ve arrived this afternoon after a long flight NYC-Rome-Barcelona. Eventhough our suitcases were lost in the way (<<they were “forgotten” in Rome>>, someone told us) we came back happier than never ‘cause we were finally at home: no more crazy traffic, no more slaloms on the traffic lights, no more police and firemen sirens at 4am, at 7am, at 11am, at 2pm, at 5pm, at 8pm, at 11pm…, no more haggling (in NYC you must haggle unless you wanna be a fool without money) no more supermegamulticultural shocks (sometimes, I forgot that I was in USA), no more waiting to get on the hotel elevator (buildings there are high and have a wonderful view; but every time you wanna move downstairs/upstairs it takes soooo incredibly long to get an elevator -and once you got it it’s usually full so you need to wait for the next one).

WOW! All that was too much for me. Now, I understand why people call it “The city that never sleeps”; in fact, I think it would be more correct to say from now on: “the city where nobody sleeps…” Too loud and stressful. I’ll better stay in Europe, riding a bycicle and watering my flowers ^.^

However, it was an incredible week and we had a lovely time together (sometimes we were even happier than the Brady Family). We took plenty of pictures, went to all the “guiri” places and even thought of buying the typical souvenir “i love NY”. And it’s true, once there, between those huge buildings and “ese bullicio de gente, de coches y de humo que sale por las cloacas”, you feel special and you really believe you’re part of a film that you’ve always seen. Walking through its large avenues, I had the impression that at any moment Carrie from “Sex and the city” or Chandler and Joey from “Friends” would come out of one of those buildings and buy a coffee next to me. Of course, it never happened.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally visited “New York – New York”. It’s a “must see” that we all should do once in our lifetimes. It’s unique and amazing but I’m not on the show. Somebody wants my ticket?

And now…
Some pictures of the lovely moments spent there!
View from the “Top of the Rock” at Rockefeller’s Centre.
It’s lower than the Empire State but at least like this you get to see it 😉
La Tribu de los Brady.
It’s difficult to find time to travel all together.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at night. Wonderful view.
One of the best things in NYC.

We tried to find the Central Perk…
But finally ended up playing at Central Park.

It was cool to see some of the big names
“en vivo y en directo”.
(On the pic: The Coca-Cola Company)

As we were all in NYC to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my parents, we also wanted to give them a “little” surprise. We booked a dinner for them on a cruise around Manhattan and we picked them up afterwards with a nice large black Limousine 😀 “La classe, huh!” Eventhough it seems luxurious, 3 hours on a Limo is not much more expensive than 3 hours on a taxi…